Why Your Wedding Personality Is Key To Your Nuptials (And How To Find It)

This is your big day, and your guests are here to celebrate you and your partner. They may have attended a dozen other weddings this year, but yours is special. So don’t lose sight of the fact that your guests have shown up to celebrate your marriage because they love you and want to feel connected to you. Amidst all the ceremony and sanctity, there’s plenty of room for personality when it comes to your wedding theme. And don’t forget about yourself – it’s imperative you feel comfortable on one of the most extraordinary days of your life, not bent out of shape to fit an ideal that’s just not you.

Hobbies and interests

Think about your hobbies and interests – especially any shared ones. This can span all areas of your life – from a sports team to a TV show, to obscure activities or mutual obsessions. What colours, visuals or ideas could you use on your wedding day?


Remember to remember

Go through your memories – does he always bring you a certain type of flower? Which overseas trip really cemented you as a couple? Use your own history to inform the future you’ll be kicking off at your wedding.

Examine the literature

Do you and your fiancé both love a novel or movie or song that’s got just the right quote to sum up your relationship? Or what about the overall vibe? Draw on anything from an art deco Gatsby feel to the Beatles’ bohemian days for a truly personal wedding theme.

Speak to loved ones

Ask your friends and family – what do they love about you and your partner? What are they actually expecting from your wedding? Give them that with bells on, or blow their minds with an entirely different direction – if it’s your vision, they’ll love it.


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