Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your product?

Made from vinyl, we individually cut each customers’ order as a silhouette from a solid block of colour. We remove the unused or “negative” pieces of the design leaving only the design on a hard backing paper. An application tape is then applied to the front of the design to assist in application. This is the longest and more time consuming part of the process. Very relaxing I must say…

What type of vinyl do you use?

We choose premium quality, matte finish, adhesive vinyl for our wall decals. Our wall stickers all come in a matte finish, except for the Gold, Silver and Copper vinyls which are metallic vinyl with a slight shiny/gloss aspect.

Our material is chosen to give our designs the impression that they have been painted directly onto your wall, while being 100% removable and safe for your interior. All of our stickers are produced using high quality vinyls that will last over 5 years if used properly and untouched.

Can E-Walls Stickers be removed?

Yes, our stickers can be easily removed by simply peeling them off. But be more careful and peel slowly if you are peeling stickers that have been on a surface for a long period of time. You can also use a hair dryer to heat the sticker, this will make the ‘glue’ soft and easier to remove.

Can E-Walls Stickers be reused again?

If you have applied them onto a surface for a long time, then you probably won’t be able to re-apply them again to another surface or reposition them, as the stickiness would have become less effective. However, if you are applying them for the first time and you wanted to reposition them, then doing this quickly should not have any problems.

Plus, there are so many beautiful designs to choose from that you will want a different one anyway!

How do you apply E-Walls Stickers?

We use the latest technology to make the application process easy as 1-2-3. Simply cut, peel and apply! Detailed instructions will follow with your order. For videos, kindly check our YouTube Channel.

What surfaces are best for me to apply my decal onto?

Our vinyl decals adhere well to any flat surface. This includes but is not limited to walls (interior as well as exterior), mirrored surfaces, bathrooms (including inside bathtubs shower doors), wood surfaces, and metals. You can also use it in many different and original ways: you can stick the decals on furniture (tables, back seats, bed frames, drawers whether made of wood, plastic, glass), on mirrors, even shades or blinds! We saw some very creative uses !! Some of you have installed wall stickers on framed canvas or on stretched fabrics! Our wall decals can be applied on any smooth or textured walls (but for instance avoid rough concrete surfaces or bumpy skip trowel walls)

Please note that our decorative decals were not designed to be placed on the skin. Also, don’t eat or chew them! Yes, they are good but only on your walls.

Is your product a sticker?

Most people refer to wall decals as wall stickers. However, we believe that wall stickers reflect a product that is more likely “peel and stick” than a true decal. Stickers in the true sense of the word are thicker by nature and are not as good for staying on surfaces.A “true” wall decal is cut from vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic material that appears like a thin plastic, but it is not plastic. A decal will have a backing paper and a front transfer paper.

A “true” wall decal is cut from vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic material that appears like a thin plastic, but it is not plastic. A decal will have a backing paper and a front transfer paper. Vinyl is self-adhesive, much thinner than a sticker, and are able to withstand heat which can be used to ensure it sticks properly to the surface. A sticker would just bubble, but vinyl likes the heat and will contour to the surface.

Do you wholesale the E-Walls Vinyl Stickers products?
We provide bulk sales of products for resellers. Minimum order is 25 units each.
E-mail: for more information.

If I provide a design, can you cut it for me?

Yes, we cut designs provided by customers. The artwork must be supplied to our specifications. eps. or ai. files. If we have any issues and are required to do further design work on the artwork this will be quoted for.

Can you design something to suit our living room?

Yes, we can provide custom designs for you. We charge an hourly rate for design.

How much does it cost to design a decal for our office?

Normally our project costs include design and production. We can provide free quotes. Clients consistently provide feedback on our affordable project costs for custom vinyl design.

Professional lettering and decal signs for businesses in a professional environment, lettering decals can be a very useful and inexpensive way to do signage. For instance, decal wording can be used on doors to identify your office (Alexander Smith – Manager) or the purpose of a room (Conference Room, Coffee Room…). It can be used in a formal corporate way, or in a more casual decorative and humorous way… imagination is the limit.Decal and sticker wordings can be used indoors or even outdoors and will last for years. That’s why they are a great way to advertise your business on vehicles (name, address, phone numbers…) or on the windows of your store front. Decal lettering can be used outside even in the most extreme conditions (rain, snow, extreme winters…) or any humid environment (even bathroom, jacuzzi, sauna…) as long as the surface is dry when you install the decals.

What about laptop skin stickers?

E-Walls laptop skin decals are a great way to decorate your laptop or personal computer. Our vinyl skin decals are borderless, which means they will match any size of a laptop without being too big or too small… no more bad surprises when you receive it, it will fit perfectly! Our laptop skin stickers are also easy to apply and 100% removable without leaving any residue on your computer lid.

Our laptop skin decals can also be an inexpensive and original gift idea your family or friends…

And remember, laptop dimensions are:
12″ laptop: approximately 10.2″x8″
14″ laptop: approximately 12″x9.5″
15″ laptop: approximately 12.5″x10″
15.4″ laptop: approximately 14″x9.5″
17″ laptop: approximately 15″x10″

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