Installation Instructions

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Tips & Tricks Before You Start

  • If you are installing a large sticker, it’s a good idea to recruit a friend! This will make the application faster and a lot more fun. Plus, you don’t want to get all tangled up, so make sure you have enough hands to help maneuver, peel and stick.


  • If you plan on applying your decal to a window, a glass surface or any other flat, non-porous area (including polished metal or plastic), you need to spray some soapy water before application. *By soapy water, we mean a tiny drop in lukewarm water. This will allow you to move the decal if you need to re-position. Once the decal is in place, continue with the steps as normal.


  • Some designs might require you to cut the design into pieces before application, especially if it is large or has multiple colors. Cut the sections carefully, leaving a border around the edge and avoid cutting the vinyl itself. You can then re-arrange as desired. This is supposed to be fun, so use your creativity and get everyone involved.


  • During the installation process, if you want to remove the decal, do this before removing the transfer tape. You can re-position and carry on. If you want to remove the decal permanently, simply peel off by hand. If it’s stubborn, use a hair dryer (on the hottest setting) and sweep it over the sticker to loosen the glue and soften the vinyl. This works especially well on fragile surfaces or if you really don’t want to risk damage the surface.


  • Remember: anyone can apply a wall decal. It’s easy! The key is to take your time. But if you’re not confident doing it yourself – let us know and we can send our team to do it for you. Please note; this is not a free service – price upon request.

What You Will Need

Tape Measure


Masking Tape

Squeegee / Credit Card


Please note that E-Walls Studio cannot be held responsible for the misapplication of decals or damage to surface during application or removal.

How to Install Your E-Walls

Clean Surface

Decide where you’re going to apply your decal. Clean the surface and using paper masking tape, stick it to the wall. When you’re happy with the placement mark the edges of the transfer tape using a pencil or more tape.

If you are applying text, be sure to use a spirit level to make sure it’s straight.

Flatten Sticker

Lay your sticker on a hard, flat surface and squeegee it flat (if you don’t have one, you can use a credit card or something similar).

If there are wrinkles or bubbles, don’t panic! These will work themselves out in the next few steps.

Remove Backing Paper

With your sticker facing down (paper facing up, plastic facing down), slowly peel back the paper making sure the decal sticks to the clear transfer tape. If it comes with the paper, simply roll it back a little, create a fold at the edge of the sticker, crease the paper by pressing firmly with your finger and continue rolling. Repeat if necessary.

Place Sticker to Wall & Apply Pressure

Using the uppermost corners, carefully lift the transfer tape and light arrange the decal on the wall using the market from step 1. Take your squeegee and work from the top down, pushing any air bubbles out and creating a bond between the sticker and the surface. If you get a crease, don’t worry, just lift the whole thing using the transfer tape, squeegee and continue.

Remove Transfer Tape

Once you have squeegeed the whole decal, start from a corner and slowly remove the transfer tape. If part of the sticker comes with the transfer tape, roll it back, press or squeegee the immediate area again and continue peeling. Keep it close to the surface.

Love Your Wall

Rub over the whole decal again to ensure a proper bond between the sticker and the surface. If there are any bubbles, squeegee them out or use a pin to pierce a small hole and then push the air out.

Finally, admire your work! We hope you enjoy your decal for years to come and don’t forget to share a picture with us.

If your sticker (including whiteboard, chalkboard and full printed vinyl) comes without transfer tape, don’t panic! Read on….

  • It’s easier to apply a large sticker of this nature without transfer tape. But you do need an extra set of hands, especially if it’s a large one. So grab a friend and take your time.
  • Continue with Step 1 above. Once you’ve decided on placement, lay the sticker face down (paper side up) on a flat surface and peel about 5 to 10 cm of the backing paper away and fold it down. Pick up the sticker by the exposed corners and line it up with the market on the wall. Once aligned, press the top edge down and squeegee.
  • Now, slowly, from underneath, peel the backing paper (this is where the second set of hands comes in useful), while squeegeeing the sticker from the front. Use long sweeping motions back and forth across the decal.
  • Keep  the rest of the sticker taught otherwise it can begin to wrinkle. If a wrinkle does begin to form, stop, slowly peel the sticker back a few centimeters and continue squeegeeing.
  • Whiteboard care: It may seem obvious but make sure you only use dry erase markers on your whiteboard. We recommend that you test any new markers in an inconspicuous area before use. We also recommend the use of a cleaner. E-Walls Studio cannot be held responsible for improper use of markers or cleaning.
  • Chalkboard care: Before using the chalkboard, the manufacturer recommends covering the whole vinyl in chalk (using the side of a stick) and then cleaning with a cloth. This will ‘break in’ the material and ensure the durability of the chalkboard. Clean the chalkboard as you would a traditional one – with a wet or dry cloth.
  • Don’t forget: We offer installation service, so if you really can’t face tackling yourself, give us a call. This is not a free service but we will provide a quote depending on your location and the size of the decal.